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At Oasis Med Spa & Laser Center

YOUR skin is our top Priority!

Don’t use just any skin care line on your skin- use one that has been skillfully created by skin care professionals with 30 years of industry experience-

The creators of CVARA searched for the most unique and effective skin care ingredients for their new skin care line.  They discovered concentrated natural extracts, which have been used in holistic medicines and skin care remedies for centuries.  Couple these time tested ingredients with the latest & greatest technologies available in the skin care industry today- and CVARA was created. 

CVARA was developed using modern technology, clinical testing, and industry know how.  CVARA’s originators were drawn to the fact they could boost the effects of the natural extracts & essential oils they first discovered- with today’s technological advances. 

Cvara brings the best of both worlds together and delivers dramatic results for a look our faithful clients could not be happier with.

CVARA is available exclusively at our Oasis Med Spa & Laser Centers.

Our newest Oasis Med Spa & Laser Center provides the latest in advanced skin care lasers including: hair removal, light pulse laser spot reduction, skin tightening, skin brightening, skin exfoliation, and skin plumping.  Our skin & body care facility will design a daily skin care regime to enhance your natural beauty, while our licensed nurse practitioner provides Botox and Restylane injections in a relaxed and modern environment.

 At the Oasis Med Spa & Laser Center, you will receive the skin care & attention you deserve, as you experience the CVARA products that will keep your skin rejuvenated at home.